Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tackling the Studio (Part 1)

As I "touched on" in my first few blogs, I am jobless.

Well, in the more traditional sense.

Not really by choice..... well, sort of. 

DON'T GET ME WRONG.....I'm not complaining. Things are pretty good: The Husband is pretty rad, our house is cool and the addition onto it has given us oodles more space, most of the people in our little weird town are friendly, we have a beautiful chunk of land, and I have an art studio space that is more than just a craft corner in my house or a converted storage room.

Most gals now days seem to still want the giant diamond when they get engaged. 

Why (you are probably asking) am I bringing up engagement rings whilst hinting at a studio building? 

Well, the reason is that when The Husband took me ring "browsing" on a trip to the small hill country town we later got married in he asked if I would like a big diamond OR a smaller diamond and a building to use as a studio when I would eventually move to his little piece of woods.

I have never been completely traditional and immediately said "studio" and chose a smaller and simpler *ring* with a matching band. 

The studio arrived on the acre of land nearest the house in April 2012. Coming in at roughly 300 square feet with one and a half stories of prefabricated wooden cabin goodness, a small porch, two loft spaces in the 1/2 stories and 5 windows throughout, I swooned at the possibilities ahead.

We started stuffing it with the 8 years of art goodies I had accumulated during my teaching career (thus far) and other things from the house I was getting ready to sell throughout the summer of 2012. I dubbed it "The Owls' Nest Studio" and started a tiny facebook page for it in August of 2012. 

For several months it was messy but usable but only by me. Trying to have more people out there was crazy and I knew the time was fast approaching to tackle the craziness and organize. 

Efforts began in March, then sadly stopped because I would just make art out there and not clean and organize. Then I started again in April and let my other class obligations in Huntsville (the large college town next to us about 20 miles away) suck away all my organizational energy. In late April The Husband interviened:

"Honey", he said one night over my latest crock pot experiment he was nicely nibbling on, "I've noticed you haulted the organizing you had started in the studio. I know it is a lot of stuff and overwhelming but you know you will be making great things once you finally have it clean and the way you have always wanted it. You are only able to really use one portion of it right now."

"I know", I said and poured another glass of wine for myself and cracked open a beer for him, "but I just love the space so much and the stuff so much and just get overwhelmed. Its' like I either start organizing then give up or get distracted and start just making a piece of art when I should be doing what really needs to be done."

*(My ring by the way is a swanky little art deco number from the 1930's that cost less than 1/10th of a standard wedding set today. It has less than 1/2 a carat of beautiful diamonds but is complete with white and yellow gold metal work....pics to come in the future).

Part 2 coming by May 20th.....yes for real.......

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  1. woops, sorry, don't remember seeing your name, wife in the woods! I just came to your blog via Joan Swim. She is a friend of mine and shared your studio pic on FB. So here I am. I enjoyed your story and I crave your studio. (Like your ring a lot too!) What a great choice you made . . . would've done just that myself. As it is, I transformed my husband's spare bedroom into my art room. If I keep it organized, it's amazing how much it holds! For a small space, works quite well, but always dreamed of something like you now have. Enjoy!!!