Sunday, June 2, 2013

Apology for Untimely Post on Plants

Dear Blog Readers,

I am sorry I did not get to post the second part (SIGH) as promised of Part 2 (SIGH) of "Busy Husband Inspires Plant - A- Palooza". 

My accidentally bad photos of the planting and plants (these photos are better, trust me) + finding out my baby brother was able to visit from Germany + studying for another certification exam ='d bad timing for blog updates/ Part 2/ good photos to view.


However, studying is going o.k., I was happy to see the bro and Phase 1 of the planting (Plant - A - Palooza) has gone well and the herbs are doing great! In a little over a week since I planted my first EVER container garden, all my plants have grown an inch to even 3 inches in size! The cucumbers go in tomorrow and I am hoping to revive the flowers that nearly died while I was out of town the past couple of days.

Let me know what you think of the progress so far! :)

Vesper, my "fur - baby" who "helps" in the new patio/ container garden. Don't let the innocent yellow - green eyes fool you. This Mama is a viscous hunter who LOVES to leave "presents" of the lizard or bird variety for me a little too often.

The plants that are sort - of dead right now. I think they will spruce back up. The weather attacked them while I was out of town :(

Sexiest. Bean plants. EVER. 
These are in 2 planters 14" long in a 
rectangular shape. Flowered buds have already started and I can't wait for beans!
The soil I used was a blended deep dark soil from the farm supply store. My plant really love it and tomorrow when the cucumbers go in I will be using some of the soil to start my window boxes and hanging baskets which will have some edible and ornimental plants in them.

Two pots of Thai Basil (with the purple flowers), a pot of Common Sage and a pot of Orange Mint. 
(8" across planters by the way) :)
 Because these planters are all plastic, I had to thuroughly wash them with hot water and soap and rinse like crazy. I would prefer ceramic or terra cotta planters, but they were not in this chicks' budget. Since they are plastic they had a really bad smell and I didn't want those fumes next to the soil and tender plants. Washing eliminated the fumes and if I would have used terra cotta planters, I would have needed to soak them first so they wouldn't suck the moisture from the soil.

I know this photo is sideways. Whoops. BUT, check out this Rosemary! It has already grown over 2 inches in one week! 
The pot is 8" across by the way in case you were wondering about size. 
I will be adding compost from my bin we started four months ago to the Rosemary and all my plants tomorrow. I can't wait to see how they will react!

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