Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Busy Husband Inspires Wife Plant - A - Palooza

My husband is a busy man. 

Not lawyer busy, minister busy, doctor busy, CEO busy,  (feel free to insert - stereotypical - busy - job - here - mentally, etc.) but busy.

When he isn't teaching full time at the outdoor magnate school program that hosts over 7,000 5th graders per year for one of THE largest school districts in America, he does side work training summer camp counselors to safely run ropes courses for the summer season ahead.

When that isn't happening, he's nursing and planting hundreds of trees, trading sand internationally on an online sand forum (seriously, its' a real forum that does exist and we have over 800 pounds of his "trade sand" and over 1500 samples of sand from around the world to prove it). 

He also is a biker. An old - school, Panhead Harley riding, tattooed, bearded and even BOOK - WRITING biker with a hint of biker snob. Trike style bikes and Gold Wing bikes make him snarl and the hint of snob appear. His book about his 3 month solo Panhead trip in the 90's from Texas to Alaska and all the way back was published. And, to top it off, he is the member of a wild group of vintage car/ hot rod lovers who actually BUILD their hot rods, resurrecting rusted model - t's, Studebakers, etc. and turning them into racing and stunning show - pieces. He is currently halfway thru building a '37 chopped Chevy hot rod truck of his own to go along with the 2 other vintage beauties we own.

It has been a busy year and a little rough to say the least. His father passed at 86 in August only a month and a half before our wedding. Also, the stress of adding onto what is now our house was intense. So, right now I just want him to have some fun with his own stuff for a while.

I know that as an AVID environmental ed guy, he wants to help me start a garden. However, I don't want to "throw one more thing" on his plate.

I want a garden bad..... a raised bed beauty with beautiful, edible goodness and some shade here and there. I really want one by the studio, but I figured I'd start small with a potted garden.

I can do this! 

Here's a shot of the delectable goodies:
The two on the far left are Thai Basil, middle front is Rosemary, middle back are Blue Bushel Green Beans, back right Greek Basil, front right Sweet Basil, and far right Orange Citrus Mint. Oh, and that's my arm in the photo too.

I got them at the local feed store. It was my first time in there. Six grown men tried to help me there because they knew it was my first time there. It was adorable. I felt like a celeb or something.

ANYWAY, the planting starts tomorrow. Photos will be taken and a blog about this will be written and posted by Friday :) Please check back!


  1. good luck with the planting, thanks for posting your blog, love finding a new blog -- you and Al have so many interesting adventures!

  2. Congrats on both the blogging and the gardening adventure, Roz! I'm a dreadful gardener, but even I can keep herbs and peppers alive, and I loved how my rosemary and basil thrived. I also loved having two of my favorite fresh herbs right there when I was cooking. You might just be giving me that push I needed to actually create my miniature hanging herb garden I've been contemplating :)