Monday, June 10, 2013

Plant Progress!!!

Its' been a little over 2 weeks since I started the plant adventure on my patio. Everything is making good progress and I am even trying out growing potatoes!

I am happy to report that the herbs I have been growing are doing really well! I have been using the Orange Mint in teas and other beverages that have also included lemon. 
The Sage, Rosemary and Sweet Basil have been in several dishes the past week and it has made a huge difference in the kitchen. 
I also found a great recipe for a Rosemary hair rinse and whipped up a batch to use the other day. I am happy to report it is amazing. Rosemary puts "life" back into your hair by adding extra shine AND it makes your hair smell wonderful. 
*More to come on my hair adventures soon in another post.*
I don't have photos of the progress of my herbs right now because this post is dedicated on nerding - out on my vegetable plants:

SPUDS!... Well, teeny, tiny ones. I saw on t.v. and online how to start potatoes so I thought I would try it. I removed 6 chunks with "eyes" out of a potato I had researched would do well for this part of Texas and planted them in soil and a giant 16 inch deep by 32" planter. The green spots you see on the left side of the pink quartz crystal are spud buds growing out of the soil! I checked the other 5 and they are progressing well too.

SEXY string bean plants. These guys have grown over 4'' since I planted them a little over 2 weeks ago, started flowering and TODAY I noticed numerous tiny string beans popping out! The beans are 1'' to 2'' so far. I can't wait to see more!

One of the lovely "baby" beans near the center of this photo. Its' 2'' long! SO CUTE!
This is a shot of the "garden" so far on the patio. The white planter in the center is my potato planter for now. Including the herbs and flowering ornamental plants, I have 11 different plants growing in my container garden.

CUCUMBERS! These 4 starter plants are in my other 16 inch deep by 32" long planter for now and have already started blooming! They too have grown nearly 4'' since I planted them a little over a week ago.

The flowers (Lantana)that sort of died a week ago from drowning. The Husband said it was because of not enough H2O, but Lantana is supposed to be drought tolerant, so I am confused. Two have come back to life and the other 2 sadly didn't make it and will be composted:(

PLANTERS all up in ya face!
Window boxes I got practically for a steal near Glen Rose, TX a week ago. I got 6 of them and The Husband is going to have to modify them so they work under the windows without tilting down too much. 4 of these will be for plants that only need partial sunlight and the other 2 will be for plants that need full sun. I plan on planting edible and ornamental goodies in these when I get back in 2 and a half weeks from SoDak and Seattle. I have been researching some options and am really excited. If YOU have some ideas or suggestion, PLEASE comment them to me.

Hanging baskets also found on sale. There are 8 of them around the perimeter of the patio and I am still researching ideas.

Please, If you have ideas for what I should pant in these beauties, PLEASE message me via comments on my blog. Planting in these will start the first or 2nd week of July when I am back in Texas.

If the container garden stays fairly successful through June and July I plan on expanding it further with more containers and some other plants that are edible and some that are just ornamental. I also plan on turning a few irregular items into planters and I'll have a post on that too!
That also gives me and The Husband time to plan a few small raised beds near my studio and go from there. I get really ambitious with projects like these and tend to get impatient. 
Its' a flaw I am working on changing. :)
Starting the small container garden first with simple plants has been a good way for my pace myself, tone down my impatient tendencies, conserve time, energy and money instead of dive into a huge garden build - and - plant project.

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